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How to visit Imagine 2014 and save $250?Easy! One click and some luck.

How to visit Imagine 2014 and save $250?
Easy! One click and some luck.


Save $30 on New Order Attributes Magento Extension!

Sometimes online merchants need much more information about the order or customer than native Magento functionality can involve. It leads to additional emails, calls and negotiations. Finally, heaps of time goes by before customers get their order. No wonder that next time they prefer your competitor.

There is only one solution – ask all required information at checkout! The Order Attributes Magento extension from aheadWorks allows you to add as many fields as you need. With Order Attributes, various field types are at your disposal.

Good news for everybody who has been waiting for such module from aheadWorks. You can pre-order the Order Attributes for $69 and save $30 before its release.

Order Attributes Pre-Order

Stop wasting time on finding out the additional information! Get all you need to know at once!

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Visit Magento Developers Paradise in Palma de Mallorca with 35% off from aheadWorks

This year the Developers Paradise will take place in Palma de Mallorca, September 16-19. aheadWorks is acting as Media Partner of the event, and you can take advantage of it!

Learn how to visit Magento Developers Paradise with 35% discount from aheadWorks!

Magento Developers Paradise

The Developers Paradise is a must-attend event for all Magento developers with more than 130 expected attendees. This year participants can look forward to a high-quality program including the latest Magento news and valuable content. You will get new knowledge and have a chance to network with other enthusiasts from the Magento scene. Furthermore, you will benefit from the know-how of the community and the single speakers. Netresearch will also provide attendees with diverse free-time activities and hack-sessions.

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The Talk With Kuba Zwoliński: “I Can Honestly Say There Are Many Ideas For Online Businesses in Poland”

World without borders makes it easy to spread the popularity of eCommerce businesses like fire. 

Seeing how Magento expands further and further, I can’t help thinking of other corners of the world and their possible response to Magento invasion. For this purpose and also to learn how difficult/prestigious/risky it is to build eCommerce businesses in particular countries, we cover them step by step in our blog:

This time I virtually move to Poland to meet Kuba Zwoliński, a founder of Snowdog company, Magento eCommerce consultant and organizer of the First Meet Magento Poland. We talk about his acquaintance with Magento, Polish eCommerce in general and the way he worked on Meet Magento PL.

Meet Magento PL   ©targiehandlu.pl

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Magento Connect May 2013: Guess Who Jumped Twice Higher?

Hello, dear Magento Connect statistics fans!

June changed May, and summer followed spring. What thoughts has a new season brought? Dreaming about holidays, sunbathing, beaches, traveling, picnics or just idleness? All these ideas are pleasant and rest is very important for everybody. But all in good time, and now let’s turn to Magento Connect May Statistics.

In May there were no serious additional factors that could influence the growth of extensions in subcategories. Nevertheless the results look a bit unexpected. The leaders are familiar to the regular readers of our monthly Magento Connect Statistics reports. But the quantitative changes can be surprising. They can be explained as after-effect of great changes that were brought to the Magento Connect extension marketplace in February. But it’s time to look at numbers.

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Magento Connect May Statistics 2013

Win Free Copies of Magento PHP Developer’s Guide from aheadWorks!

Win Free Copies of Magento PHP Developer's Guide

Recently we shared the review of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide where you can find our independent unbiased opinion on this recently published tutorial.

Today we prepared some cool stuff for our blog readers! I have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a Giveaway of the “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide”. Five lucky winners stand a chance to get 5 digital copies of their new book. Keep reading to find out how YOU can be one of the Lucky Winners.

How to Enter?

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Magento eCommerce Gamification Suite Involves Your Customers into Exciting Game

A large number of companies try to integrate game mechanics into different kinds of consumer-facing websites. Now, when the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension is officially released, this business practice is also available for Magento stores owners.

eCommerce Gamification Suite

Due to eCommerce Gamification Suite, merchants can drive wanted behaviors and promote friendly competition within the site community. The module brings game fun and excitement to the shopping process. It allows to stimulate users with game points, achievements and ranks for performed positive actions.

Customers are involved into the catching game created by the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension. Clients do their best to fulfill the conditions set by store administrators and occupy the leading positions in the Top Chart.

We are glad to inform that the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension is available in our store to help you motivate the activity of users.

Look at the key extension features:

  • Points
  • Achievements
  • Ranks
  • Live Stream
  • Top Chart
  • User Public Profile

Interested in this module and want to get it? Visit the eCommerce Gamification Suite page right now.

Magento PHP Developer’s Guide: Detailed Review from aheadWorks Experts

Magento PHP Developer's Guide

We were lucky to get one of a few copies of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide“. It was published in April 2013 by Packt Publishing Ltd., one of the most prolific and fast-growing tech book publishers in the world.

Allan MacGregor, the author of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide”, has a reputation for being professional, skilled and accurate developer easy to work with. I have happened to communicate with Allan and I should say that he is very responsive and friendly as well.

Allan MacGregor started working with Magento when he was a freelance developer little over 4 years ago and now he is a Magento Certified Developer Plus.

“Before Magento, creating an ecommerce website was difficult, expensive and slow,” tells Allan. “Magento changed all that! I enjoy working with Magento because it’s challenging, the framework is very powerful and flexible. And overall, I have fun working with Magento!”

Allan understood that there was a lot of information online, but he felt that there was a need for book that was an easy entry point for new developers and a bit of reference for developers that are not so new to Magento.

Continue reading this post here to find out aheadWorks impressions on guide illustrations, contents, and writing style.

Turn Shopping into Game in Your Store! The eCommerce Gamification Suite Extension Is Available for Pre-order

Gamification model is finally adapted for Magento stores! Merchants tell us every day that they are daydreaming of gamification functionality: the way it will affect customer shopping experience and the amount of money clients will be eager to spend. Magento gamification solution from aheadWorks is currently baked in the development oven, and it’s a high time to introduce it to the public.

The eCommerce Gamification Suite Magento extension is an absolutely new solution that allows to engage customers and stimulate desirable user behavior. This module is built on people’s natural tendency to strive for high statuses via competition and achievements.

eCommerce Gamification Suite embraces the strategy of game rewards for customers who accomplish certain conditions. These rewards include points, achievements and ranks.

Pre-order this unique new eCommerce Gamification Suite extension for $159! Save $90 before its official release, when the price will be increased to $249.

eCommerce Gamification Suite

Look through the list of implemented features.

One game point is equal to the currency unit used in the store. Customers earn points depending on how much they spend in the store, the number of reviews they leave for products and friends they invite (if Refer a Friend is installed and configured).

Points earning

Merchants can create numerous achievements based on six activity types. If customers fulfill the conditions, they get recognition in the form of achievements.

Making of achievements

Ranks are special statuses set by merchants. Customers get a new rank if they reach the minimum required game point score.

Ranks assignment

Live Stream and Top Chart
New achievements and ranks of customers can be shown to other users as a Live Stream. Top Chart displays the list of leading customers to the public .

Live Stream and Top Chart

User Public Profile
If this section is enabled, registered users will see their profiles. Facebook Link integration gives ability to post achievements and ranks of customers on their Facebook pages.

Public Profile

Learn more about the eCommerce Gamification Suite Magento extension and pre-order it on the product page.

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Back from the Netherlands: “Magento Dutch Market Will Grow”

Our guys, Matt Krivoshein and Peter Samoilov, have just returned from the Meet Magento event in the Netherlands. More than 350 Magento enthusiasts gathered together to share ideas, experience and thoughts about the future of Magento project. We were happy to see our partners from Studio Emma, WebShopApps, Atwix and some others.

While Matt was dealing with general questions on how aheadWorks can improve store functionality, Peter, CTO at aheadWorks, was healing Magento merchants and curing their technical problems.

Read what Matt and Peter say about the Meet Magento NL 2013

Matt Krivoshein

MATT KRIVOSHEIN, CMO: Unfortunately, there was no Internet available on the first conference day (May 29). However, it didn’t affect us that much. Some of my basic observations:

  • Magento Doctors were the most popular guys during the event;
  • Roy Rubin has disappeared right after his impressive keynote. That’s a pity.
  • Magento team has learned some Dutch words (‘dank u wel means ‘thank you’);
  • Lots of Magento merchants still use CE 1.4;
  • Ede is a very nice town for working – its environment is quiet and peaceful. All attractions are 100 km away – in Amsterdam;
  • People are really looking for breakthrough Magento solution to improve UX (e.g. eCommerce Gamification Suite)

I want to thank Marc Dekkers and Guido Jansen for organizing and taking charge of such an awesome conference, Tom Robertshaw for a well thought presentation, Viacheslav Kravchuk and Karen Baker for keeping us a  good company.

Peter Samoilov

PETER SAMOILOV, CTO: Meet Magento Netherlands seems to become one of the largest events in the EU – it gathers more and more participants every year.

This time I was acting both as a guy at aheadWorks booth and as Magento Doctor at first. I have to say that being such kind of a ‘doctor’ is really exciting: I met real Dutch merchants with their actual Magento problems and helped them out to resolve their issues. A lot of questions were related to performance and store speed, so it’s probably the most troublesome part of Magento.

The only bad thing about being Magento Doctor was that I had no time to attend keynotes at all.

But if you ask me about my preferences – listening to keynotes or being a doctor and helping merchants – I will choose the second option undoubtedly.

The article with photos is available at http://blog.aheadworks.com/2013/06/back-from-the-netherlands-magento-dutch-market-will-grow/